Who am I?

Really, I have to answer this again?

What are you my therapist?

Well... let's begin

Seeth McGavien has been called an arrogant drunk bastard who is more obsessed with the multi-verse than the reality he lives in. ~ fired writer.

This is bullshit I am not obsessed and once I read what the other writer was saying about me after I paid him $30 dollars and gave him a gift certificate to Sizzler I realized I needed to write this section myself.

I write stuff and investigate the paranormal, conspiracy theories, the para-political, sociology, and the scientific aspects of the multi-verse.

When I am not writing and being offensive on social media I am usually wondering the streets of Salt Lake City shaking my fist at the moon and yelling at passing cars.


I have walked a fine line between insanity and creativity for many years and recently decided to jump head first into the yawning, gaping, maw of madness.

It was fun and scary much like a rollercoaster at a carnival being run by an ex-convict who has nothing to lose. I have been writing for many years and hope to write for many more it is in my blood and feeds my overinflated ego.


I hope you enjoy my blog & it's content and further more I hope you research a little bit of what I write. The truth is far stranger than fiction.

Seeth McGavien